Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I haven't blogged in quite a really really long long long time but that doesn't mean I have abandoned my blog. NO WAY!!! I have a lot of stuff, school related, going on and I'm just trying to survive my first year. Therefore my blog has taken a back seat for now but I'll be coming back soon. Exam period is about to start but I should have a bit of free time after 1-2 week before I have to go back to classes. Yes. No rest for the innocent.

Life here is a little bit more fun now though, I think. I've met a few more people but still no boyfriend material. I am still looking. I also came out to two of my friends, which felt great. For once I didn't have to be lying all the time.

Presently, I am also trying to lose my virginity. I have some boys lined up, yes there is more than one, but as for which I'm going to follow through on is still left to question.

Anyway,until sure time my readers. Take care

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