Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Wish...

I wish life wasn’t so complicated
I wish I had more privacy
I wish I wasn’t in the closet
I wish I never lived in this Country
I wish I didn’t have acne
I wish I didn’t have spots on my back
I wish I had baby smooth skin
I wish I had a bigger body
I wish I wasn’t so self conscious
I wish I had a boyfriend
I wish I wasn’t a virgin
I wish I didn’t feel like riff-raff all the time
I wish other people I respect will show me some
I wish I was taller
I wish my friends would act more friendly
I wish I had one true friend
I wish I was always happy
I wish I had someone to tell all my problems to
I wish people would stop asking me if I have a girlfriend
I wish girls would stop hitting on me
I wish someone I share a mutual attracted to would make the first move
I wish that at least one of my dreams will work out the way I want it to
I wish more people would love me for me
I wish…..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Interview

Just a few hours ago I completed the job interview I made reference to in week before last's post, Drama and Stress. Unfortunately I was rejected immediately after finishing the interview. The reason they gave for not hiring me was, “You are just too intelligent and over qualified for the position and we feel that we would be doing you an injustice if we hired you. It would just be a waste of your qualifications and skills if we allowed you to take this job. However with your impressive qualifications we are sure we will be hearing more about you in the future”

At this point I was saying to myself, what a load shit. This is what they made me get up 5 am for? Commute and wait 4 damn hours for? Waste my day-off for? Just to tell me I am too intelligent and over qualified? What the fuck! Isn’t that what the resume is for so you are able to weed out the people you definitely won’t hire? Perhaps, I might have been a bit over qualified, but I wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of learning about their organization and spending the time to do the interview if I wasn’t interested in the job. Come on! Are they kidding me?

To make matters worst, on my way home I decided to take the government bus. Usually when I take this bus I am often the 40th to 50th person in the queue and as such when I reach inside the bus all the seats are taken and I have to stand up for majority of the journey. Today I was the 2nd person in the line which was great because this almost never happens. However the security guard told those persons at the front of the line that he would be loading the bus from the dock closest to the back (Note, this usually occurs on occasion). So a few of us left our spot and went to the next dock. However when the bus came he loaded from the previous dock. When we saw what was happening we tried to get back in the front of the line but the Dip shit refused to let us pass so we had to go to the back of the queue. I was so fucking pissed. To make the situation even worst, there was also a woman in her forties (40s aka cougar) in the line that changed docks with me. However I made the mistake of asking, “Do they usually switch docks at this hour?” and apparently she misinterpreted this as an invitation to be friends. She then said to me, “You look sexy in your suit. My God you are handsome. Are you coming from work?” She then proceeded to talk and ask me questions until the bus arrived. When the bus came she made it clear that she wanted to sit beside me. I had hoped to give her the slip in the bus but when I got inside she kept asking me, “Where are you sitting? Where are you sitting? I hope you are not trying to escape from me” I didn’t want to be rude so I said to her, “I like to sit at the window at the back”. Suffices to say, she talked my ears off the entire journey. All I wanted was to sit down, relax and watch the people go by but she just wouldn’t Shut Up. There was never a second of silence, literally. Why does this always happen to me?

On a brighter note, shortly before I did my interview this morning, I got another call for a Medical Research lab to come in for an interview next week. It’s ironic that in a global economic down turn like this when everyone is losing their jobs, that I am getting all these “Interview calls”. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing but one thing is for sure I am damn tired of doing them. It’s either I am not qualified enough or too damn qualified. With each interview I do it becomes more difficult for me to be enthusiastic about it when I know it might end like all the others thus far.