Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Wish...

I wish life wasn’t so complicated
I wish I had more privacy
I wish I wasn’t in the closet
I wish I never lived in this Country
I wish I didn’t have acne
I wish I didn’t have spots on my back
I wish I had baby smooth skin
I wish I had a bigger body
I wish I wasn’t so self conscious
I wish I had a boyfriend
I wish I wasn’t a virgin
I wish I didn’t feel like riff-raff all the time
I wish other people I respect will show me some
I wish I was taller
I wish my friends would act more friendly
I wish I had one true friend
I wish I was always happy
I wish I had someone to tell all my problems to
I wish people would stop asking me if I have a girlfriend
I wish girls would stop hitting on me
I wish someone I share a mutual attracted to would make the first move
I wish that at least one of my dreams will work out the way I want it to
I wish more people would love me for me
I wish…..


  1. Be careful what u wish for coz u just might get it ;)

    Havent talked to u in a long time Mr! And you know you can tell me all ur problems! Love ya! ;)

  2. I agree! And you live in a completely different world right time for little old me. :) But that's fine, hardly have time to breathe these days.