Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lesbians Don't Exist

Sometimes I get so caught up in all this gay stuff that sometimes I forget that lesbians live in this country as well. I know what you are thinking… “How stupid am I to forget that lesbians exist everywhere?” But in my defense I am mostly interested in men, so women don’t even take up an ounce of my attention on any given day. Many times my eyes are so glued to the men that if a woman so happens to go and shit in the middle of the street, I wouldn’t even notice. And furthermore, intimate interactions between women is so accepted and expected that not much attention is given to it anyway, even if it’s in public. Lesbians just seem to be so invisible worldwide. Gays however have this up in your face presence and always seem to be more vocal about homosexual issues. That’s just my opinion. However since recently I have become more attuned to lesbians because it turns out I have been close friends with one for many years and never knew. Talk about blinded by your own desires.

My closest girlfriend from high school, lets call her Lacy, presently just moved into her new apartment and I have wanted to visit her for quite sometime but I was just too busy to go. However on my way to work/school this morning I called her up and told her I was stopping by. This was like 7 in the morning and she was practically still asleep, which is normal when you live so close to school. I was like 5 minutes away when I called so she didn’t have much time to get herself ready. She opened the door in her silky little nightie and I thought she was fucking Hot. She is a gorgeous girl but I have never really seen her in that kind of light before. Thoughts of sex were going through my head. Perhaps I should stop chacing men and switch to women. My dick gets hard for either one so why waste my time with guys?

Anyway, we went into her room and chatted as we so often do. A few minutes afterwards she started watching Naruto on her laptop. I couldn’t believe it. She was into anime too. How come I didn’t know this? Apparently she just started getting into it so I will have a buddy bud to talk Naruto with when she gets up to speed on all the episodes. So during Naruto the topic of gays came up, after which she told me in confidence that XXC was a lesbian. I was in disbelief to say the least; disbelief that XXC was someone so close to me and yet I never once considered that she was even a little interested in other girls and disbelief that Lacy was so accepting of her. This was the same Lacy that in freshman year of college literally ran out of the restaurant when another girl made a pass at her, which I might add forced the rest of us in the group to leave because she was too disgusted to go back into a restaurant with a lesbian. Her exact words were, “My skin crawls”. I never forgot those words. At the time I wondered if that’s how all my friends would treat me if they knew I was gay too.

I would never have guessed that XXC was a lesbian. She was so girly, soft spoken and often in dresses. I always expected lesbians to be butch and terribly dressed but even as an avid watcher of, “The L Word” I seem to have still bought into this stereotype. I am so sad that show is done. I still can’t believe XXC is a lesbian though. How didn’t I pick it up? Perhaps this would explain why the other girls in the classes treated her like such shit. They must have known. I wonder if this is how everyone will react when I come out. If I am gay and I am this shocked that XXC was a lesbian, imagine how shocked all my friends will be when they find out I’m gay.

I applaud her. She did something I could never do or at least not right now.

Another thing that prompted this post was an Ad I saw on craigslist today for a Jamaican Lesbain seeking a Closeted husband. Apparently she is being constantly questioned by her family about not settling down and starting a family. I think I'll be in the same position in a few years myself. SCARY!! According to her it would help her career too because she would have a “Husband” to carry to company parties etc. Honestly, I think it’s a brilliant idea but how many good prospects are you really going to get from craigslist?

From now on I am going to try to be more aware of my surroundings. Not only focusing on the life of gays but those of lesbians too. Yes, gays will still be my main focus but I'm trying to be less oblivious to my women counterparts. We could really accomplish a lot if we all worked together.

Anyway, Have a “Happy Holiday” guys and save some of the chocolate Easter eggs for me.


  1. Ewwwww! Women kissing! I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Only joking :P Been there, done that! How do you think Lacy would react if you told her?

    PS You are right about the lesbian stuff. Even though they are more accepted by society sometimes they still are not as heard as gay men.

    Happy Holidays Dave!

  2. We have a good relationship so hopefully, disbelief then acceptance. Then again you never know.

  3. Based on your post of getting hard for men or women it sounds more like you may be bisexual than gay.

    Queers United

  4. Yeah perhaps but I just call myself gay to make life simpler.

  5. On sOOOOoooOOOO many levels...i don't understand lesbians. Don't get me wrong...totally support them...they're an equal part of our community...

    BUT i can't understand their particular appetite for that particular meat...and being a gay man makes me immune to their feminine whats there to understand?

    Its sad and weird though...that straight men seem to get lesbians more...but then again...straight men just like getting "more"

    All in all...more power to the LGBT community...maybe one day i'll actually download an episode of the "L Word" never kno ;)

  6. Kingstonian, I liked how you phrased that..."I can't understand their particular appetite for that particular meat." That was funny.

    It's the same reason why no one else can understand our appetite for the other meat. Not that I have eaten any. lol lol