Sunday, October 4, 2009

Facebook Makes the World Small

The more and more I meet people, the more and more I realize how small a World I live in. It's ridiculous.

I usually hate my weekends here because I never usually have anything to do but school work. At least during the week I can go somewhere with my friends if I am bored. So not wanting to feel bored this weekend I decided that I was going to go to a function they had on campus. None of my friends were there so as usual I went and sat by myself. The table I sat at was huge and I was the only one sitting there so it made me feel even more awkward than I already felt. Luckily a few minutes later I saw two of my friends come in and I motioned to them to come over and sit with me. These are people I talk to pretty well so I was excited that I finally had some good company to enjoy with the free food. I didn't even have a ride back home so seeing them made it even more serendipitous. Anyway, in my last post I mentioned that before I came here I was stalking a few hot guys on Facebook, "Stalking Tony". So while I was having a good chat with my friends, 4 very hot guys came and sat at our table. The cutest guy I recognized immediately....I even knew his name out of my head. (Yeah, I really sound like a stalker). I had seen his picture on Facebook everytime I searched and he was even hotter in person. He was latino and he dressed well....OMG that boy was hot. I was even more delighted when he sat right beside me. I could have just reached over and put my hand on his crotch or smell is neck if I wanted to. He was sitting that close. The other guys were utterly hot too. There was another latino guy and two very attractive black guys. One of the black guys seemed very familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. As the night progressed, they started to play a Jamaican song and I saw him singing it and then it clicked. He was also one of the guys I saw on Facebook and I remembered he had some Jamaican heritage too. So i asked him, 'Are you Jamaican?" and he said "I was born there". I then said that was great. I really didn't want to give off the wrong vibe so I stopped the conversation there. The other black guy sitting beside him was even sexier. My friend who was sitting beside me was crushing on him hard. I had just cut my hair earlier that day, by myself i might add, so I was feeling very self conscious about it. We both saw how the black guy's hair was neat and pretty and she decided to use that has a spring board to strike up a conversation with him. I was like don't do it please, but she wouldn't listen. He was too hot to resist. I must admit all the guys were very good looking but I knew nothing would have come from sitting at a table with them because I distinctly remember their Facebook saying straight. I am not chasing any straight guys. Not worth it. Oh well, perhaps I'll see them around again...they are here for a couple more years. lol

I also had another party to attend shortly after this one so when I got home I rushed into my apartment, grabbed the wine I bought earlier that day and went to the next party. I don't drink alcohol so it was more of a courtesy. This party was being hosted by one of the gay guys I met a few weeks ago and and he had invited a couple other friends over. Later I found out that it was actually his birthday. Anyway, the party was dubbed, Wine Tasting, so everybody brought a bottle of wine or fancy cheese. When I got there quite a few people were already there but as the night progressed tonnes of people showed up, more than I thought would have been there. From the get go I was drinking wine every minute. I never liked drinking alcohol, at all, but I found myself drinking so much. I had a few (8) glasses of wine and I slowly felt myself getting weird. I was a little more giggly and a little unbalanced. I had to sit down a few times. It got so bad that I accidentally knocked a glass from one of my friends hands and cut my hand. Luckily the cut wasn't too bad. Thank God. At that point I knew I had to stop drinking...I think I was tipsy. The birthday guy was like filling up my glass all the time and I had to tell him to stop. I didn't feel well. He then said I could sleep here if I wanted. He was hitting on me the entire night. Forcing me to dance with him, Kissing my neck, rubbing my abs/stomach and smiling with me, holding me by my waist, kissing my neck again and all that other stuff people do while flirting. I must admit that feeling is facial hair on my neck felt freaking awesome. I really wasn't attracted to him so I didn't want to give him the wrong signals. He was Latino too but he was not as hot as the latino guy that was sitting beside me earlier that night. If that guy had hit on me then I would definitely be rolling around with somebody last night. :D. My God he was so hot. As the night wore on I was feeling really tired and a little bit sick so I decided to leave and go to bed. There was also a white girl there that was hitting on me. She even took my hat away and wore it the entire night. She too was also trying to get me to dance. To be honest, I couldn't stand being hit on by these two people. It was too much and too conflicting. Should I act straight and flirt with the girl? Or should I just indulge the guy and show that I am gay? None of it was working for me so I just decided to leave.

When I got home I went on Facebook and found all the names of the guys that were sitting at my table. It so happens that while I was going through their friends list I noticed a pic of a girl I saw at the Health Center a few weeks ago. I thought she was amazingly hot when I saw her. I don't think that about girls so you know she was good looking. It turns out that this girl is also Jamaican. What are the odds? lol. Trust me Facebook connects the world. You find connections you never knew existed with that thing.

So that was my night.


  1. Just found this blog and I am hooked.

    FB is not like any other social network sites and hence the reason why all your pals are in there.

    I have found old high school pals on FB and we have reconnected like it was 1990!

  2. I love getting people hooked. Hope you remain addicted. :)