Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stalking Tony

Before I came here, to the University, I usually searched Facebook for cute guys that attended the school. On occasion I would find a few hot guys but it so happened that when I checked their profiles they were all straight. However there was one hot guy that wasn't straight. He had Sex: Male, Interested In: Men. I was shocked to finally find a Hot, Open, Gay guy here. I was so happy. I don't know why I was happy but I was happy. It's not like I was ever going to meet him so I didn't get too overly crazy about findiing a Hot gay guy. Sadly, from then until now I have found myself occasionally checking his Facebook page.....aka see what he is up to.

Only 3 days ago I was talking to one of my readers (AXORIAN) and I mentioned to him that I was stalking someone from my University. He then said to me, "Is the guy ok with you stalking him. To which I responded, "I have never even met him muchless seen the guy in person. I've only ever seen him on Facebook". Well all of that changed the day after. Yeah...I know pretty weird.

So i was walking to one of the buildings on campus and I see this guy in a red pants and Black and White Plaid shirt walking towards me. Just the day before My advisor asked me what type of clothes do Jamaicans wear and I told her bright festive colours. To which she responded you won't see that here. Everyone wears dull colours...blacks, greys, dark blues etc. So i decided to put her theory to the test. So on this particular day I was looking at the type of clothes the students were wearing around campus and it so happens my advisor was correct. Seeing this guy wearing a red pants just catch my eye. This was not the norm. I didn't even look at his face. I was just looking at the clothes. Then my eyes worked its way up to his Face. I almost died. It was Tony. I was screaming in my head, "IT'S TONY, IT'S TONY" I can't believe I got to see him in person. I just kept looking back to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Honestly I thought that was the first and last time i was going to see him.

Today, I went to the gym, working on arms and who comes and sits right across from me? You got it...Tony. I was saying this was too good to be true. I saw him for the first time yesterday and now he is sitting across from me. He was working on his abs. And trust me I have seen them on Facebook......They are great. This must be faith, I thought. For the rest of the time I was just watching every move he made. I couldn't help myself. Anyway, I hope I will see him again. Maybe I will get the courage to say hi or just bump into him, "accidentally". lol. Or perhaps not do anything. He didn't look in my direction so that's enough for me to know, "Look he's not interested".

Also I must also mention that one of the hot guys (one of the really hot ones) I came across during my search on Facebook, is in my class. I literally wrote his name down while I was in Jamaica so I wouldn't forget it. So imagine my surprise when he walked into one of my classes. I have spoken to him a couple times but he is not the type to come to class frequently and he is straight so I haven't even bothered working on him. I am done running after straight guys.

So that's that. I finally saw the guy I have been stalking for weeks now. I feel good. I just thought I would share it.

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