Friday, October 30, 2009

Pet Peeves and Dislikes

There are a couple of things I want to talk about tonight. The first of which is my roommate. I think I've mentioned him before but if not, Yippee for you, tonight's your night. My roommate is a pretty decent guy. I haven't had any huge problems with him thus far and those issues I do have with him are the usual stuff you would expect from having any roommate. Despite this, he seems to drive me out of my freakin' mind. When I come home from a hard day at school I want my home to be My Home. Not your home, not our home but MY Home. When I come home I want to relax and do what makes me feel comfortable. If I want to walk around naked, which I find very un-restricting, I can do so without having to worry that someone will come through the front door and find me in my birthday suit. If I want to play my music until the house vibrates I can. If I want to sleep in the Living Room I can. If I put my butter in the fridge I don't have to be upset the next day when I find that half of it is missing. I don't have to walk behind anyone and pick up anything. Roommates are just a nuance to me. I seriously want to move out and find a place of my own but unfortunately the downside to this is that all the household expenses double, which leaves me with less money in my pocket at the end of the day. It absolutely sucks that I can't have the best of both Worlds. Honestly, I don't know how some of you guys live with 3, 4 and God forbid, 5 roommates. Anything beyond 2 and I would start going mad. I can't even stand one much less.

I am not sure if I can call this next part a pet peeve or even a dislike but I am going to write about it anyway. I might step on a few toes in this one. :( So my urges have led me to start trolling gay sites again, (like I ever stopped). And during my searches I have often come across amazing pictures of good looking gay guys. There are so many of them online that it is sometimes extremely hard for me to believe that they do exist, (Then again, this is the internet.....everybody lies so much that I can't even tell who is real or not anymore.) But these men are to die for. Sometimes, I just look at their pictures and sigh because I know it's never going to happen. Also, I have found myself visiting Craigslist a lot more frequently. I don't think I will ever reply to any of the Ads but I am drawn there out of mere curiosity. The stuff people write is just insane. There is however one reoccurring theme I have noticed in both these Ads and profiles. Can you guess what it is?

NO Blacks, NO Asians, NO Old Guys, No Fatties, NO Femmes, I'm Straight-Acting, I'm Masculine etc

Firstly, what the hell is Straight-Acting? Is it another way of say, "I don't act like a faggy sissy boy. I am a heterosexual look alike." How does straight come into it? I always thought that we were all fucking other guys. Doesn't that make us all fags? I guess I was wrong.

On some very very rare occasion I have had the opportunity to meet one or two of these "Straight-Acting" muscle guys outside of the cyber world but when you meet them, you are like really? You? Straight-Acting? Honestly, I have never really considered myself to be straight acting but I am definitely more straight acting than some of these guys who claim to be. I guess what I am trying to see is that not everyone on the internet who professes to behave straight does. Therefore if there are inconsistencies in what they say then there are definitely inconsistencies in other things as well. You never really know with people you correspond with online.

However what really gets my motor running are those men who discriminate based on race. I am not telling you who to like, I am just saying it's not kool. Don't put it on your profile even if you think it. It makes you seem narrow-minded, which, Big are. I would assume that those men who stipulate these conditions have never been discriminate against, whether it was their age, their sex, a physical disability, whatever. Otherwise you would have thought twice about making your dislike public. It's not a very happy feeling to tell some they aren't good enough. And the fact that many of these online sites are filled with these men who stipulate these conditions doesn't make life any easier. My God it's Hopeless everywhere!!!

It would be very hypocritical of me if I said that stipulating all your requirements is utterly distasteful but i can't, because I do understand where these guys are coming from. For one, it eliminates all the undesirables, so their time isn't "wasted" talking to someone who isn't worth their time....yes it's harsh but it's reality. I myself think like this at times but frankly you can't help who you like. And some guys don't really have the patience to beat about the bush so they tell you up front. Personally, I wish I could adopt this approach but I am not a cold-hearted bastard. There has to be a nicer way of telling someone you are just not interested without sounding like a complete dick. Stipulations like these, obviously don't go over well with me. Not being given a chance because you are black, asian, fem, old, whatever is total bull shit.

Finally, there are those that look down on others because they have headless pics. Give me a God damn break. It's not like any gay guy was born "Out". All you assholes were in the closet at least once too so don't behave that you are better than everybody else because your face is showing. Infact you should be more understanding of what it takes to reach your level of comfort.

I swear, sometimes this "Gay Community" crap can be so pointless. It's just a bunch of insensitive jerks, insensitive jerk wannabe's and those brain-dead zombies that follow them......(yes doesn't apply to everybody).


  1. I had this very conversation today.

  2. Hmmmmm... I stopped internet hook ups years ago when I found out that no one ever tells the truth about who they are or like.

    The best way to meet people is to be introduced by close pals. So, please start by hanging out with other gay people in your school and work your network.

  3. That's some great advice. Consciously, I know that is the only way to connect with other gays know me....I have to be pushed and pulled. lol :(