Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stop the School....I want to Party

Crying...(drying my tears).... then crying some more

The paragraph you see below is a blog post I was writing about one and a half weeks ago but never got to finish.

"Once again I am on the rush. It's now a litte after 2 am and I have class pretty early today so can't blog long. I was suppose to spend a relaxing day at home blogging on Saturday, but I guess you guys know what happened. Today should have also been a relaxing day at home but got up late and then had to hitch a ride to the library to study for an exam I have on Wednesday. I don't know shit for that paper. I am scared.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that TV is"

Then I went to bed...I was just too tired to finish it.

I really can't explain what kind of stress I am under right now. This is definitely not undergrad anymore. These people don't lie when they say, "Grad school is a lot of work". I know I have said this a million times, but I really had no clue what I was getting myself into when I decided to go to Grad School.

Despite the tonne of work I have to do I am going to try and blog for a few minutes and not think about the mass of work I have piled up on my desk right now, which is due for tomorrow. Today, I went to school at 7 am and got home at 6pm. The first 3 hours were spent in class, the next five in the Medical library doing shit I don't know the first thing about, and the remaining hours spent in an Analytical Class, where your brian has to be firing every second just in case the professor picks on you to explain "The new Model of Cell Growth" :( ....yeah I didn't know. Just to give you an idea of how much I had to do, I will tell you I had a light breakfast about 7am and didn't eat again until 5:30.

I am really giving some serious consideration to finding new methods to cope with the Volume of work I have because what I am doing now ISN'T working. There is never a break. If I don't have an exam to study for, I have an assignment due, If I don't have an assignment due then I have to be reading long ass research papers for discussion. It's just a unending cycle of torture.

Perhaps I am beating this, "I have alot of work to do" to death but the reality is, it's my life right now. And I blog about my life. So please understand if I don't blog as much or as much about other stuff. I appreciate everyone that reads my blog. You guys make it all worthwhile.


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