Saturday, September 19, 2009

Movie and a Dinner then the Bar

First, let me address the temperature problem..."It's too damn cold". I knew what I was getting myself into when I came here but I was sadly misinformed. The temperature here is dropping rapidly. I can't go outside without a sweater now. I literally freeze my ass off without one. And everyone I talk to tells me, "This is nothing. You haven't seen anything yet" Honestly, the lowest temperature I have ever felt in my life was around 23 degrees celsius and tonight I went downtown with my friends and it was 10 celsius. Yeah, can you imagine how I was dying? Every restaurant with an outside dining area that they suggested I objected to. No way Am I going to sit outside in this Cold STORM (Ironic considering it hasn't even started yet). I don't know how else to express how cold it is here. It's just cold!!

Now that I mentioned I went downtown I have to tell you that I had Sushi for the first time in my life tonight. I thought it was something I would love but I guess it was not my cup of tea. This is not to say I wouldn't try it again because I definitely intend to. The soy sause just made it taste even worst for me, which is not the reason why chefs provide it during the meals. Also I think Wasabi should not be eaten....EVER. That thing is dangerous. To me it just made the food just plain inedible. It's so strong. The next time I eat sushi it will be without Wasabi, definitely, and perhaps a more tasteful sause. I think it would be great with these minor adjustments. To complicate matters the meal was only served with chop sticks. I can't use chop sticks, but luckily I have alot of asian friends now who are teaching me the art of eating with them. It was so challenging eating with these foreign objects. My mom was teaching me how to use them when I was younger but never persisted with it. Always went back to the fork because it was easier. Surprisingly, my asian friends find using forks difficult. lol. Really? So while the area around my plate was a diaster zone; sause, rice, raw fish and vegetables everywhere, everybody else's eating area was nice and clean, including my non asian friends. I sucked at using the chop sticks. The restaurant doesn't use forks and I didn't want to use my fingers so I had no choice but to struggle with the damn things. At the end of the dinner I got a hang of it. I felt so proud. I'm a Pro now....not really but don't think I am that far from mastering it. :) After which we went to a bar. I knew I was supposed to carry my ID but didn't. Behold I was asked for one. Long story short...I couldn't drink. I must be too damn young looking. I always get asked for ID. Stupid American Law.

Also went and say Inglorious Bastards at the theatre. It was a great movie. The killing scenes were a bit gruesome though. After the first couple killings I was not as shocked by the brutality of it all. My friend beside me kept her head covered throughout all the killing scenes (yes it was that bad) but I found her reaction hilarious. I recommend watching it. You will not be disappointed.

Finally before I retire to bed, I would also like to mention that the cute guy I mentioned in my SKUNK post, Facebooked me. Yeah...I was a little bit surprised he did too. At least I know I am acting gay enough now to let him know I was interested. But how did he know my last name? Hmmmm. Anyway, he is such an amazing dresser. That has to be the first thing I recognized about him and I guess others realized too because he was complimented on it at the party alot. The second thing I realized were those beautiful eyes. They were so bright and open. They had to be one of the most attractive pair of eyes I have ever seen. They fit him perfectly. Despite his cuteness, I don't think it's going to go anywhere beyond just being Facebook friends. For the record I am not being pessimistic. I can often tell when something might workout or might not. This is one of the might nots. He is even planning on moving in a few weeks so why bother wasting my time developing anything anyway? There's nothing to be had. I have stopped deluding myself of finding anybody. Boys will be boys everywhere you go. I guess I was just not meant to have one.

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