Sunday, September 13, 2009


It's pretty late here and I have to get up early in the morning to go to school so I won't write long. I just wanted to blog about this little thing that happened earlier tonight

So i was in the living room watching the MTV VMAs (Yes I would love to talk about the Kanye, Taylor and Beyonce Drama but don't have the time. However it was nice of Beyonce in the end to do that for Taylor. I actually saw it coming, so I was very excited when it happened. Swear) Anyway, so i was in the living room and I smelt something awful. It smelt as though something was burning. It smelt like a fire burning through something plastic or something melting. I had just finished cooking so I thought I might have left the stove on. I rushed to the kitchen but there was nothing burning. I had left my lights and computer on upstairs so I rushed upstairs to check that everything was ok. We had some electrial problems recently so you never know. But upstairs was fine. Being satisfied that nothing was on fire I went and sat in the living room again but the smell was killing me. My eyes were starting to water and my nose had started to burn. Considering that nothing in the house was burning my next logical thought was that the community was spraying gas for mosquitos (In Jamaica they do that alot to reduce the risk of Malaria). I then said to myself, "I wonder if Americans know that spraying these chemicals are dangerous to their health?" The scent was so bad I really thought it was poisonous gas meant to kill insects. I swear that thing was irritating.

My roommate then comes into the house a few seconds after and says. You smell that? I said yeah. He then says it's a skunk. I was shocked? That was what a skunk spray smelt like? Thank God I learnt how bad it smells before I accidentally ran into one. At first I thought my roommate got sprayed but apparently not. It would have been so funny if he was. lol. I was so excited. I have always always wanted to know what a skunk spray smells like. Now I do. However the excitement didn't last long. This damn smell will just not leave the house. My eyes are burning, my lungs are dying and it freakin' hurts to breathe. I want to sleep and the whole house smells like skunk. This scent just lingers. Why doesn't it leave? Awwwwww

It's actually quite hilarious though. I seriously thought the house was on fire at one point. lol

This is definitely one experience I am not going to forget. Everything I ever heard about skunk is true.

I guess I should also write about the two gay guys I meet yesterday but I really don't have the time right now. We exchanged emails and numbers. One of them is actually very cute. Oh the possibilities. :D Not to mention the two hunks in my Bio class. One came over and talked to me on Friday. I will definitely be seeing alot more of him. Why? He's in my department. And I also ran into him at the gym on Saturday and had a nice little chat. OH HAPPY DAY!! I honestly wanted to jump is sexy man bones right there. I have a MEGA crush on him already. My God he's so FINNE. I should stop because I know he's straight and I am going to feel terrible when his girlfriend appears (I actually don't know if he has one). But come on, he is really hot. Of course he must have one. On friday I couldn't even stop myself from staring at his pecs every minute. They were right in my face and they looked so good. I hate torturing myself like this. I NEED TO STOP LUSTING AFTER GUYS I CAN'T HAVE. STOP!!!!

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