Monday, June 22, 2009

Men of True Blood and Kings

As many of you might know, or not know, I am a huge TV addict. For every program (new or old) that aires I make an effort to watch at least a few episodes before deciding to drop or continue watching. Anyway that is besides the point. I am hear to talk about last night's episode of True Blood and Kings. More actually all that Man flesh that was all over the screen.
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First let me start with Kings. So despite my enthusiasm for last night's show I didn't really get to watch much of it. A few persons were at my house doing repairs and I was so busy that I completely forgot about watching TV. However when I did remember I turned on the TV only to be greeted by Jack, (the gay closeted Prince in The City of Shiloh), getting dressed and his boyfriend naked in bed. I kinda let out a silent scream when I saw this. I Missed it. NOOOO!!! I am planning on watching it online if my mom's old computer co-operates with me.

I also heard that David and the Prince had sex and took a few nude pics. That's got to be interesting.

Unto my favourite show of the night. True Blood! Lets start with Jason's new frienemy at Fellowship of the Sun Camp. Even though he never took off his shirt we all know he has a rocking body under those clothes. I was sceretly hoping that the Jason and the new guy would kiss. Even though I know it would never happen.

Eric was also looking alot better with that new haircut too. I thought it was hilarious when the store clerk was trying to hit on Bill but she was not making any headway with him. Then Eric walks in and Bill says What are you doing here? Eric: Getting my haircut. Do you like the new look? Bill: You look very handsome. Very handsome indeed. (Something along those lines). Then the clerks says, "Oh.......Ohhhhh!!!) lol lol. She must have thought they were gay. I don't know why I thought that was funny. Yeah...I'm lame.

Next on my list was Jason. My God that boy is Hoooot!! I don't think I have to expound any further. Everybody must know what Jason looks like by know because flesh that hot doesn't go unnoticed.

And finally the hottest guy of the night by far was Eggs. (Mehcad Brooks) When the scene with him working in the Garden shirtless came on I got goose pimple. MY GOD!!! WHAT A FRAKING HAWT BODY!! I literally kept looking at his abs just to make sure it wasn't some television magic. His abs were like utterly amazing. It appeared as if they wanted to break free from his body. I don't know how else to describe him. [Sigh] He's just HOT!!

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