Friday, June 26, 2009

Jonathan Platero

On an equally sad note, the cutest and sexiest dancer on, So you think you can Dance got axed last night. Didn't I tell you I loved TV? Stop judging me. Anyway, my poor, poor baby had to leave the competition. I knew he was going home after the solos but there was nothing i could've done to save my bubble butt pumpkin. I am so sorry Jonathan. If I could've saved you I would've. Now that you are gone I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. What am I going to do without your sexy ass smile and hot body now? Huh? WHAT?!?

Anyway, Thank God we still have Myspace. A place where people are still free to stalk their crushes in peace. Below are some pictures I was able to steal from his page.

Jonathan also reminds me of two other guys that I had a crush on, Jonathan Anzalone from Season 4 of, So you think you can Dance and David Archuleta from American Idol.

Jonathan Anzalone was one of the most cocky and arrogrant guys I have ever seen on the show but my God, that sexy body of his was enough to make anyone forget that nasty little attitude. And he was such a mega exhibitionist which made watching him strip all those unneccssary clothes off even better. I am so sad I never got to see what's between those masculine legs.

David Archuleta is just a huge cutey. A sweet heart at heart. It's hard not ot be sucked into his beautiful eyes and ever present smile.

Too bad I won't ever get the chance to sleep with any of these guys. lol

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