Friday, August 21, 2009

In New England

I know I have been away from my baby blog for a while but I have to keep my readers updated. As it is, I am in New England right now. Life has gotten a bit hectic for me once again and alot more complicated. For the first two days I have been here I was miserable. I didn't know anybody, I had nowhere to go, I was starving, my room looked like a cell, it still does, but with a little work it will be great, I was bored, nothing to do, no one to talk to and to make matters worst I got injured on my first day here. I was cleaning my room and lifting a few furniture that I knew were too heavy for me and one thing led to another and the desk slipped and with it so did my fingernail. It was pulled right out of my finger. That shit hurt like crazy. I had nowhere to go to get it treated or anything so I put tissue on it to stop the bleeding and when to sleep. lol. I went to the store the next day and bought some dressing. I am self treating it now. It feels better BUT if it gets worst I'll go to the health centre. It couldn't have been a worst few hours.

I am slowly getting a bit more comfortable here. Thank God. I have a routine and it's working for me. I am meeting one and two people here and there so it's not all bad. My roommate is also very understanding which is making the process a whole lot easier for me too. Thank you Jesus for blessing me with a good roommate. Once school starts and I get busy again I should feel like normal. Another reason why I am feeling a bit more comfortable and optimisic about living here is due to the fact that I went downtown yesterday (I am not in Boston guys. It was merely an unrelated statement. Sorry for the ambiguity. Boston was where I wanted to be.)

Downtown is like 10 minutes away from school. And when I went there OH MY GOD!!! All those cute boys walking everywhere. I was getting all kind of disturbed. lol. Those mother fuckers are hot. Excuse my language. Ohhhhhhhh boy, I'm going to have fuuuuuunnnn! Lol. While I was outside in one of the Cafes two very good looking guys came and sat right across from me. They probably weren't gay but their presence only made me enjoy my dinner more. Additionally, Downtown is so beautiful. The restaurants, the stores, the outside cafes, the shopping centres etc. Everything is I am getting all giddy just thinking about it. To make the pot even sweeter my roommate then told me that I would probably run into a lot of gay people here because the area was very liberal. So if I did see them I shouldn't be too shocked. He even told me that a number of the professors at school were gay. I didn't mention that I was gay to him but that statement just made me even happier. Perhaps he mentioned it because he figured out I was gay. He seems cool with it so when it does come up it shouldn't be much of a problem. I hope.

And I can't even believe I forgot this. I SAW A MOVIE STAR TOO!!! No kidding. He came into our cafe and sat on the other side of the restaurant. I couldn't believe it. Everybody was rushing to take pictures of him with their phones etc. It was crazy. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would see an American movie star in real life much less see one in real life and have him come into the same cafe I was in. So sweet. I hardly remember stars names so I can't even tell you who he was but he was definitely famous.

I guess with time it will all fall into place.

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  1. God Dave ur useless! Find a picture of the actor n post it then! :P N I thought you weren't saying his name coz u didnt wanna give up too much info on where u are! :P