Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Going Straight

"I know this picture looks like it's a little girl but I couldn't help but put it up. Doesn't she look Adorable?"

For the first time in a really long time I am free from school work so I am just going to write a light-hearted post tonight. Well as light hearted as I can get anyway. I have refrained from mentioning the loads of stress I have been under recently because I think you guys have endured enough of my rants and babbles about drowning in school work.

So, as the titles says, I am giving up on guys. It's time to go straight! Girls are known to be complicated, that's a given, but whoever said guys weren't? Guilty parties, you need a wake up call. They are just as bad, especially the gay ones. I can't find a man so I guess it's time to find a woman. I can't waiting around for one to drop into my lap anymore.

To be honest, I think I might be somewhat of a Bisexual. Don't quote me on it because this might just be a phase. But recently, I have been really attracted to this girl. "Ewwwww Gross!" lol. I have been attracted to girls before but not that much that I would classify myself as being straight or Bi. I wanted to remain true to the gay aspect of my blog, since afterall it is a gay blog not a straight one, but this is something I could not ignore. From the first day she spoke to me I was like, "You are Fucking Hot". After the first conversation I had with her I was left with a huge grin on my face that lasted for hours. I was happy I guess. Since then everytime I have seen her I think about having sex with her. This is so confusing. Why won't my dick make up it's freakin' mind? I don't really believe I am straight and I don't really believe I am Bi either. I think this might just be a stage of curiosity.

This girl is like utterly amazing. She looks like a God-damn supermodel. At one point I was tempted to ask her if anybody has ever told her how beautiful she is. However I resisted the urge. Stuff I normally do to get the attention of boys I do with her. Yeah, I know!! Weird. Like bump into them accidentally or go somewhere you know you will meet/see them or better yet where they will see you. Even though we are in labs on the same floor, I hardly get to see her. So anytime I do run into her it's always a treat. I often keep my eyes and ears open just in case I hear her walking pass my lab. If I do I usually like casually walk outside just in time to intercept her in the hallway, "Oh Hi Emily....." then behave as if I didn't know she was out It's so weird. Gay guys don't do that. I would really like to fuck her though. Just to see what it's like.

I think all of this is stemming for sex starvation. I want to do it so badly that I am about ready to get it from anywhere, even if that means a girl. Sometimes I have fantasies of ramming my dick into her vagina so hard that it makes she screams. (I feel so dirty writing that) lol. Perhaps it's due to all the straight porn I have been watching recently. It sounds nasty but it's not at all bad. Actually it's pretty exciting. It works just as well for me as the gay stuff.

Guys Shape up!! You don't want all this goodness to start getting with girls do you? LOL LOL. Just to keep me holding on a little longer here are some fine ass guys, I found that reminded me of what being attracted to men usually feels like.

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