Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It's the Holiday season and I am feeling a tiny bit shitty. My first Thanksgiving and I am spending it at home by myself. It is weird, but I shouldn't feel this way. I have never celebrated Thanksgiving in my life so why do I feel weird? Most of my friends have gone home to spend time with their families, including my roommate. It feels all very lonely. Yesterday, the entire school felt like a Ghost town because most of the students had already left for home on the weekend despite the fact that holiday break wasn't given officially until yesterday. There were so many students hopping on the buses yesterday to the Airport it was insane. The bus stops were lined with undergrads going home. And if they weren't at the bus stop they were being picked up by their parents. I must admit, I felt a little jealous and saddened to see everyone go, especially knowing my father lives in New York and couldn't even extend an invitation to me. And he wonders why we don't have a close relationship.

To make matters worst, I was hoping to get a bit of gym time in this week while the mass majority of people were gone. Only to find out yesterday that the gym would be closed for the entire holiday break. WHAT?!! I couldn't believe my eyes. It SUCKS!! The gym is entirely student run so I understand why they needed to close it, but come on. What about us that remain? Aren't we entitled to use it too even if everybody else has left?

My day was however brightened a bit when I saw a hot guy's cock. We were the only ones in the locker room. I didn't even know anybody else was in there. I went into the bathroom, he came in the bathroom (in a towel). I left the bathroom, he left the bathroom. He went into the shower and I went back to the bathroom. When I was coming back towards the lockers he was standing in such a way that his entire frontal region was right in your face. I don't know if it was intentional but I saw EVERYTHING and it was very nice. The water cascading down is hot body was so amazing. If he had even slightly motioned to me to join him I would have. But he didn't.... so I left. :(That sexy image is still burned into my brain.

On a more light hearted note, I got my Driver's permit today. World watch out, I am back on the road bitches. Not really, I still need a car to do that. I am happy though because I was really stressing out about the exam. Thankfully it was easy. Life is so weird. I have often watched TV shows of Americans going to the DMV, partying, playing beer pong, hooking up, protesting etc and I thought I will never experience that. So wrong, with each day I spend in the US it all comes. I love it.

Anyway, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Make more of it than I am.


  1. The DMV is like one of the most feared places.

    Happy Thanks giving to you too.

  2. "My day was however brightened a bit when I saw a hot guy's cock."

    haha. Happy Thankgiving indeed. ur too funny.