Friday, November 13, 2009

Lunch with Emily

It's a Friday night and I just came back from a Movie and a Dinner with friends. My head is killing me, i feel sick and I have the hiccups so lets see if I can get through this painlessly.

My day started off typically. Getting up, competing with my roommate for the bathroom, eating breakfast then spending half an hour trying to decide what to wear. So yesterday, I went shopping at Kohl's for a winter jacket (yes I have a lot now) but as usual, ended up buying a tonne more stuff than I initially intended. When I see clothes that I love it's hard for me to pass it up. One of the items I bought was a plaid shirt which was purple, black and grey. It's Amazing. I also saw a great pair of gloves on sale. I just had to grab it even though I wasn't shopping for gloves. However when I got home I realized that the gloves were nowhere to be found. I checked my bill and thankfully they were not cashed. So this morning I decided that I was going back to Kohl's immediately after class to get it, since only 2 were left yesterday. Suffice, to say I got the last one on the rack. YEAHH!! Sadly, I ended up buying more clothes again. Didn't I buy enough yesterday? And I still have Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Pac Sun etc to buy stuff from. Yup I love to shop. Of the items I bought, I have to say my favourite is the Washed blue jeans. I was hesitant to buy it because of the price but now, I don't regret the purchase. They look great on my ass. Infact I think it's going to be my favourite pair of jeans from now on. Surprisingly, I must have missed the tag on the inside of the jeans, it read "Low Cut Booty Jeans for Young Men". I cracked up when I saw it. If I had seen the tag before, I would never have bought it, but thankfully I didn't. I love it. My ass is like, WOW. LOL. Perhaps these are the clothes I should me buying. It's not a girly jeans for the record. I also really need some good pair of shoes to go with all these clothes I am buying. What's a good outfit without proper shoes? Anyway, my winter wardrobe is coming along well. If there is anything gay about me, it's this.

Anyway, I spent a little longer (Lie....much longer) than expected at Kohl's so I had to rush back to school to get my experiments off the ground. However I was feeling hungry so I went to the Cafeteria to grab some food first. I really had alot to do so I decided to take my food to go. This almost never happens since I love to sit in the dining area and look at the hot guys walk by. I left the Cafeteria but realized that I had no fork. Went back for the fork but changed my mind mid second. So I decided to stay and eat. When I sat down at my table, I looked up and who was that waving to me? EMILY!! I looked to see if anybody was sitting with her. No one was. This must have been my lucky day. I took my food up, walked over and asked her if I could join her. She said yes.

We started talking and shortly afterwards, who comes up beside me? The Jamaican guy that has be constantly bothering me to have lunch with him. He said, "I saw you from outside and decided to come in. Creepy. He then says, "Do you have plans for Thanksgiving?" I told him no. He then says, "You have to come over to my house then. I usually invite friends over for a feast". I was getting tired of him, asking me out for food so I told him that I would come. I hope he doesn't try any funny busy while I am in his house. He gives me the creeps and people rarely give me that sensation. Doesn't he see I don't want to have lunch or anything with him? Anyway he left.

So while I was getting to know Emily better, I see her divert her eyes away from me and then once again immediately after that. Instantly I knew this couldn't be good. She must have seen someone who was more interesting that I was or I was boring her. I turn around to see who it was and was surprised to find out it was five "someones". Her little Boyfriend Squad was walking over to ruin my little party. At this point I must mention that Emily is white and blond. She is gorgeous. And the nuisances walking towards us were all white too. Awkward. Surrounded by all these white people. These little fuckers just kept chatting her up while I sat there. In my head I was saying, "Leave Assholes. This is my time. You see her in class all the fucking time. Talk to her then!!!" To make matters worst they then sat down with their lunches.What the hell were they doing? God, they didn't plan on leaving.

After about 20 minutes I got tired of waiting on them to leave so I decided I would. I had an experiment to run in 5 minutes anyway so it wasn't like I was chickening out of a challenge. I told Emily I had to run and politely nodded to the little fuckers who came and destroyed my one on one with her. I was so pissed.

Later that day, in a completely unrelated story, I was on the Bus going home and saw a guy I speak to on and off on occasion. He is what you would call the Grad. Student RA for the complex I live in. As such I run into him more often than not. He is my age too and his behavior sometimes often strikes me as weird because that's not something someone of our age and maturity do. I was not really in the mood to sit an chat because I had just come from the gym and I was tired. All I wanted to do was sit back, relax and listen to my music. However the best seat left was in the back of the bus near to him. NOO!! I went and sat there anyway and acknowledged him in the process. 45 seconds later he gets up from his seat, which I might add is on the other side of the bus, and sits down right beside me. He then says, "Who are you dating? Somebody told me you are dating someone". Honestly his question threw me for a loop. It was a bit surprisingly for him to ask me such a question unprovoked. I was like, "Ahhhhhh...what? He then says again, "Are you dating anybody?" To which I responded, "I am not dating anybody. Whoever told you that is lying." He then smiles and says, "That's Good". I was a little shocked that, that was his reply. But with these Americans I don't know. I've learnt that it doesn't mean he's gay. Honestly I don't think he is gay. He's just weird. He laughs at everything I say,'s kind of annoying. My instincts are usually correct with these things as I said before. He's just weird. He then says, "Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving? I am having something in my Apartment" Oh My God, not another person trying to get me to go to Thanksgiving again. (I have had a lot more invites than the two I mentioned here). I told him I didn't celebrate Thanksgiving and furthermore, I might be going to someone else's house....(aka the Creepy Old Jamaican Guy). "Too bad. It would have been nice having you there" he says. Sorry I replied. Can't be in two places at once. Anyway, as I said before we live in the same building so we chit-chatted until we got to his apartment...I had to pass it on the way to mine unfortunately. I sound rude and insensitive here I know. I was just tired and cranky that I didn't get to relax for a few minute on the bus.

Alot of you might, say this might be the reason I am single but I just can't go into a relationship or at least try to build one with some I am not attracted to. It's just too much work. Why can't it ever be the other way around, where I am attracted to the person? AWWWW!!!

This is all speculation though. I have no concrete evidence that either of these guys are gay. But overall it was a pretty good day.


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