Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kupono is No More

As I have mentioned countless times, I watch a lot of TV. And once again I am here to talk about one of my favorite shows, "So you think you can Dance"

On Thursday Kupono Aweau, also referred to as just Kupono was axed from the competition. I was not surprised he was sent home, but I was shocked to learn that Evan was not in the bottom two. What the hell? Ade should have never been in the bottom two. That was just wrong. America what were you thinking? I am usually so un-impressed with Evan's dancing that sometimes I forget his name and call him Nate. So weird!

Anyway, with any show that I watch I usually develop an interest for the guy or guys I think are gay. In my book Kupono definitely strikes me as gay, along with Brandon (last name: Bryant) and my former infatuation Jonathan Platero. I am not one to judge but Kupono's mannerism just screams gay to me. His odd fashion sense also makes it even more distinct. Despite this I have developed somewhat of a protector mechanism for any gay in a competition setting. I just want them to do well. It's sad that Kupono is gone but I think Brandon is going to win the entire thing. Yahoooo!!!

Brandon strikes me as gay too but there is just something about him that irrates me sometimes. I don't know what it is. Perhaps it is his constant smiling or perhaps it's his underline cockiness. I've no clue. One thing is for sure that boy is Hot!! Talking about hot did anybody catch that African Dance the boys did on Wednesday? All the boys, or should I say men, are hot on that show except Evan (sorry dude you're just not doing it for me). All these men have great physiques but I was drawn to Jason's pecs on Wednesday. Lordy Lord!! They were round, perky and nice. They were calling out to me. Touch them, touch them!! lol. They just looked perfect. It's always a treat when he takes his shirt off.

No one can tell for sure if someone is gay or not but it's sure fun to speculate. This brings me back to Jonathan. I recently stumbled on a comment from someone on Yahoo Answers who claims to know him personally. Here is what she said,

"I know for a fact that he is NOT gay, I went to High School with him and am good friends with him. The day any of you f$$k the quality of girls hes f**$$d let me know. They are pretty high quality too


I found this so absolutely hilarious. She sounds quite passionate about it too. She's on the internet for crying out loud. Anything anonymous on the internet carries little weight and then she puts source "Me". Really? Obviously it's you, Who else could it be? And what the hell is "Quality girls?" lol. Was she one of the "Quality girls"? Quality here is soooo subjective. Whatever honey. I think he is gay despite what you say. Tonnes of guys fuck "Quality Girls" and marry them too, but you know what, a few of them are still gay.

Finally, I am going to talk about the gay judge, Tyce Diorio (real name Keith Diorio). He's not out from what I've gathered but he's so fucking gay. Tone it down a bit Tyce. If he wasn't so freaking hot I would hate his guts. He's so mean to the dancers. Does he even think about what he is telling them sometimes? Tyce seems to be free with his gayness and every gay should try and achieve that level of comfort but if I truly believe that why does it bother me when he acts the way he does? It doesn't make sense. Anyway, let him continue strutting his broadway stuff, as long as he's hot I will overlook the flaws. (Honestly, I don't know when I became this shallow)

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