Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sexual Exposure 5: The Sisters

Initially, it was my intention to mention almost all the sexual encounters I have had from childhood until now but I now realize that this is neither wise nor interesting. As such I am going to mention only a few of them. I would have loved for you to understand where I am in my sexual development but who cares anyway.

While living with my mother I became friends with all the children in the neighbourhood, more so the two sisters that lived downstairs in my building. We were the closest trio around. The eldest sister was 12 years old, the youngest sister was 10 years old and I was 8. I did everything with them. We played together, went out together, eat together, had sleep overs together and did a lot of other fun stuff together. I don't think I would have had such a great childhood without them.

Being older than I was, my mom was very trusting of them and because of this trust I was allowed to do a lot of stuff other children my age would have never gotten the chance to do otherwise. On one particular day my mother had left me in the house alone and as arranged I would always stay with the neighbours until she returned. It so happens that on this day the parents of the sisters were also out on the town and as such we decided that we were going to have a party at the house.

The eldest sister then had this "brilliant" idea that we such have sex. Not one to object I agreed to have sex with them. The eldest sister and I then went into her room, where she proceeded to lie on the bed and take off her skirt and then her panties. She then motioned to me to come over onto the bed with her. Instinctively, I then climbed on top of her and we started to kiss. We did this for a while afterwhich she pulled down my shorts and underwear and positioned my penis into her vagina. Apparently, I wasn't doing it properly because I distinctly remember her saying that I am not doing it right. In my defense the reason I think I wasn't doing it right was because I didn't want to do it at all. I just wanted it to be over. In the middle of "sex" or whatever we were doing, the little sister walks in with a plate of sliced green apples and salt and said to us, "I want my turn now" The older sister then took the plate from her and we both lied on the bed naked eating the apples. After we were finished she jumped off the bed and walked out of the room butt naked. I couldn't believe she did that. Didn't she want to put on her clothes? I knew I did.

The little sister then walked in also butt naked and crawled unto the bed with me. The both of us started to go at it as well. At this point I really didn't want to do it anymore so I didn't do much with the little sister. All I wanted was to go back to my house. Doing this just felt totally wrong. However while having sex with the little sister I did see some white liquidy juice coming out of my penis and it scared the shit out of me. I had never seen that coming out of my penis before and I swore I had caught some disease from these girls. I told my closest guy friend what had happened and he said he wasn't going to tell a soul. However during a general sex health class there was a guest speaker that asked, "Has any boy ever seen a white thick fluid coming from his penis?" I wasn't going to put my hand up because I am the type of person that loves to keep stuff to himself. But in my horror my best friend jumped up and said "Dave saw some, Dave saw some!!!" I couldn't believe my ears. Then a few of the girls jumped up too and said, ''It's true. It's true. He told us also" This could not be happening. The only reason I told any of them was because I was scared I had caught something and I wanted them to put my mind at ease. No one was suppose to tell. How could they do this to me? Can you imagine how embarrassed I was? I was the only one that had ever seen white fluid coming out of his penis. No fair!! The guest speaker then tried to make me talk about it but I just stared at her like a dummy. I wasn't going to talk about this infront of the entire 4th grade.

After everything was over. The eldest sister then told me that she was having sex with another girl from her high school. She then told me that when she was going over to her friends house she would carry me so that we could all have sex together. I knew the girl the eldest sister was having sex with personally but I was surprised to know that two girls were doing it together. I didn't even know the word gay at that age much less to hear that two girls were doing it. The entire community knew the friend was a huge slut already (fucking all sorts of boys), but her parents were super rich so I really wanted to go with the eldest sister to the house so that I could see inside. I always wanted to going inside the house but never knew how. I really didn't want to go there to have sex with them but that's another story which I will not get into.

Anyway, despite all of what I have written I still believe I am a virgin. What I did might have sounded like sex to you but I certainly don't think it was. I was so young and I didn't even know what I was doing at that age so it doesn't count as sex. In my mind that was just experimentation. Every kid experiments. Right?

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