Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sexual Exposure 6: The Jock

Upon entering High School I never had the intention of building a romantic relationship with anyone, much less do anything of a sexual nature with them. My education was top priority. In my earlier years I was pretty much a dunce head. At least I thought that. I never took school seriously and all I wanted to do was goof around. Despite this lack of interest in school I always did well. I was always amazed when I got good grades and never studied crap. My teachers even thought I was smart enough to skip a few grades and I did. This therefore resulted in me graduating both high school and college at a pretty young age. However when I got to high school I decided that I would hit the books and change my ways. It was hard but I accomplished my goal and did really well. I ultimately became what the Americans would call a Geek or Nerd.

In grade 7, everybody was so excited about high school. We were all making new friends, starting new subjects and making greater connections with the opposite sex (Not in my case). I wasn't really attracted to anyone in my class but all the girls were apparently smitten with this guy named Jake. They talked about him all the time and from what I gathered they thought he was completely hot. I however didn't see what all the fuss was about. In my book Jake was just a big stupid jock. Furthermore, I had no time for love connections, I had school work to focus on.

When we got to grade 8 Jake's reputation for attracting the girls grew even more. Infact, if I remember correctly he was called the most gorgeous guy in the entire 8th grade (behind me of course). He was also dating the hottest girl in school, Kelly, which gave him alot of bonus points in the love department. Isn't that surprising? A jock dating the hot girl. This is unheard of in the modern world. Anyway, it was a requirement that all students study a trade. In the boys case it was Industrial Arts (Wood Work) and in the girls case it was Home Economics. Today, I am happy to say this has now been changed. Both sexes are now required to do both. It has become an equal world indeed.

During Wood work classes it was often typical for our wood work teacher not to show up. Therefore on such days I would sit at the back of the class and study until the period was over. The other boys would however spend their time being boys, aka getting into trouble. On one of these days Jake comes to the back of the class and sits beside me. He then started asking me alot of questions about what I was studying and if he could sit with me and study too. I really didn't care for his presence. Disturbing me while I am studying is a sure fire way of irritating me but I told him it was ok. Jake obviously took this as a sign that I liked him because before I knew it his hands were between my legs, squeezing my cock. I immediately brushed his hands away and stared at him in shock. What the hell was he doing? I didn't know what to say and I felt that he had just taken advantage of me, so I did what any rational person would do. I stretched my hand out and squeezed his cock in return. But when I did, I was in for another shock; Jake was semi hard and HUGE!! When I say huge I mean huge. Up until this point I had only ever touched two other penises and they weren't this big (Yes, I left out this story out of my series).

Jake must have seen the shock on my face because he smiled and then pulled his pants tightly around his leg. When he did this I could clearly see the monster I had just groped snaking down his thigh. It was so fat and long. Cocks like this certainly don't exist I thought to myself. This must be a trick. This boy was blessed. From that point onward Jake and I would sit at that very desk and feel each other up in every wood work class, him more so than me. We even did it in the presence of the teacher. To be honest, I hated industrial arts but knowing Jake was there made me look forward to every class. Squeezing that delicious meat between his legs was heaven.

Jake and I had become so comfortable touching each other that we started doing it in library class. At one point he even unzipped his fly and took out one of his pubic hairs and pushed it in my mouth. I thought it was disgusting but he thought it was funny. At this stage teenage boys were experiencing the onset of puberty so any little hair they had growing was a source of great pride for them. Jake and I also had Physical Education together and it was always a treat to see him strip in the locker room. When I saw him in his underwear for the first time, I finally understood why the girls were so attracted to him. He was a hot guy. What made PE even better for me was the fact that Jake always had something to say about my ass. He complimented it all the time and joked around with the other guys in the locker room about it. On days like these I never wanted to leave the locker room and go to Math class.

As time progressed Jake's desire to feel me up got out of hand. He started to do it in public. I became really uncomfortable with him around. Jake just would not stop grabbing my dick whenever he felt like it. Before long someone would catch us and I was afraid of what would happen when they did. Not long after, someone did see us, his girlfriend. She told the entire class but luckily no one took her accusations seriously. Without the support of the class, she decided the next best thing was to verbally attack me for trying to steal her boyfriend. Instead, of confronting Jake, she was attacking me. Why? Jake was the instigator, I was merely the enabler. If he stops, it would've all stopped. I then told Kelly that she needed to take up her complaint with her man and leave me out of it. Kelly then told Jake that he had to stop touching me in public or she would dump him. I was so relieved. Perhaps now he would've come to his senses. No such luck he just kept doing it anyway. I was reaching my last straw with Jake. He was starting to get me into trouble and I needed to draw the line.

During homeroom I was assigned the seat behind Jake so I really couldn't avoid him even if I wanted to. One day he was talking to his friends infront of me and suddenly he turned around, pushed his hand under my desk and starting squeezing my cock as if his friends weren't even there. This was going way to far. I had to end it. I then told him that if he touched me another time that I would stab him with my pencil. He then got up in my face and told me that I couldn't tell him what to do. He also told me that he owned me and if he wanted to touch my cock I couldn't stop him. He even went as far as to tell me that he could fucking rape if he wanted to and I would be powerless to do anything about that either. I told him he could try but he would regret it. Interestingly enough years later when I got to college someone did try to rape me. I will write about that next time.

At the end of eight grade Jake left our high school and I never heard from him again. However last year he did view my online network profile, which I got a kick out of, but he never added me as a friend. I knew it was childish but I didn't add him either. From what I've read he now has a daughter and lives in New York.

Peace Jake!!

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  1. Wow. Man you have some interesting stories. Never a dull (sexual) moment in your childhood.

    Okay, so I guess the rapist is from your most recent post--- I get it.

    Thanks for sharing Dave.