Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Puppy Love

For the pass few days I have been so lazy to write anything. If I had a busy life I could blame my lack of blogging on that but since I don't have a busy life then all I got is laziness. Additionally, it now appears that I might have infected my mother's computer with a worm. I have tried everything to get rid of it but nothing seems to work. I seriously just want to sulk, scream and cry about the entire thing. Why did a virus have to infect this computer? WHY? I honestly don't want to go into how shitting I have been over this right now because I don't want to ward away people with my depressive moods. I really thought I fixed the problem but I saw the infected message pop up a second ago...[crying]. I will remain positive and hopefully I will finally get some positive energy in return. Anyway, this is besides the point.

Since the robbery, my mother and I have thought of many measures we could put in place to provide us with a greater sense of security; one of those measures was getting a dog. For years I have wanted a puppy but my mother has never been too keen on the idea. However she has decided that the time was now right to get one. Happy day!! Imagine it took a robbery for me to get a dog. Perhaps, I won't be so lonely now that I'll have a puppy around to take care of. So exciting.

Anyway on Sunday, the carpenter came and built the kennel, for my soon to arrive love. My mother and I actually walked around the community and begged the boards used to build the kennel. I know it's cheap, but why buy when you can get it for free? So after the carpenter finished his work I realized that a lot of board was left over so I decided that I wanted to build a ladder. The old one was rotten and was just waiting for a major disaster to happen.

Building of the ladder was progressing smoothly. I had sawed a number of boards to get the lengths I wanted and was now going to start sawing the last plank. While doing this, my neighbour came out and starting talking to my mother. In a momentary lapse in memory I looked away from the saw and was watching them. Before I knew it, my finger was being slammed into the wall by the saw, the plank and the concrete/cinder block (I was using it to brace the plank. It makes cutting easier). In a split second I was able to withdraw my hand quickly enough to walk away with only the skin of my little finger being ripped from my flesh. Being the big macho man I try to be, I turned away so that my mother wouldn't see what had happened, but no such luck, she saw. Instead of keeping my injury to herself she said loudly, "You cut yourself didn't you? I then lied and said, "It's not bad, only a bit of my skin got ripped off" My neighbour then said, 'You're too soft...blah blah blah"

My neighbours always talk shit about me and it pisses me off. My mother knows they talk shit about me and she always gives them ammo to use against me; not intentionally but ammo nonetheless. My neighbour's comment really got to me. Deep down I knew she was right. I am not built for manual labour. I never was. If I try to do the manly outdoors stuff I often end up getting hurt. I want to take up that manly role but I am no good at it. The simplest task of sawing a piece of wood and I almost took off my fucking finger. [N.B. I have done this before without incident.]

Despite my aptitude for accidents I love doing the outdoors stuff and I will continue to do them. Afterall it's kinda fun....sometimes. Today I restarted my project and regardless of whether I am built for it or not I intent to finish my ladder tomorrow.

Anyway, I can't wait for my puppy. Lord knows I need some loving and if it takes a dog to give it to me then so be it :)


  1. Is system restore enabled on the infected pc? If so, you might need to shut it down and run another scan. When done, turn it back on.

  2. Yes System Restore has been off for about 3 days now but I had to get rid of the group policy thing first. Infact I am running a virus scan now. I doubt it is going to work though. I spoke with someone from Norton Antivirus today and they wanted to charge me $100 pounds...No thank you, I'll use my computer until it crashes. :)

  3. Why pay them to ask dumb questions, I can do that for free...

    Like, is your antivirus updated?

    Have you any idea what virus it may be?

    Group policy notwithstanding, it's possible that you might need to log on to all the accounts on the PC and make sure system restore is OFF.

    You might also have to run antivirus thru their accounts, too.

    And, also run spyware and downloaded all the updates and patches to XP or whatever you got.

  4. They were not only going to let me ask questions but take of the virus as well. For that price they better.

    Yup, my antivirus is to update. Even did it the manual way to make sure it was really done.

    The virus is W32.SillyFDC (According to my computer).

    There are no other accounts on the computer.

    I installed service pack 3 for my XP 2 days ago. Not sure if it needs any other patches though.


  6. Been There, Done That.

    Thanks for the help though